TradingDiary Pro 2.5 released

What’s new in version 2.5?

New features

  • New tax module. Support wash sales, superficial loss rule, downloads exchange rates for various central banks for more accurate tax calculation for non-base currency trades. Read more.
  • Position sizer control. Read more.
  • Improved filter support.
  • Bulk tag adding
  • Payoff diagram in positions views
  • Running PnL in position views
  • High DPI support


Minor improvements

  • Renaming support of tags in the Maintain tag window
  • Yearly annualization of Sharpe ratio
  • Pivot grid tag, entry and exit date fields added

Import modules

  • Agena Trader added.
  • Charles Schwab options support

Bug fixes

  • Date time zone offset handling fix
  • Entering stop for short positions fix