Manual Insert

This video tutorial shows how to add trades and other transactions manually.

The following questions are answered. How to:
– add an instrument
– add a trade
– add a cash transaction
– add a stop or a target
– update price history
– generate total equity history

Create new database
Add 3 instruments: Apple, LogMeIn and Microsoft
Set Yahoo EOD as historical data provider and download historical data for all instruments
Set initial deposit
Add trades, orders and dividends
Generate total equity values

Bulk import - Interactive Brokers

Shows how to create flex queries and import data.


Create new database
Set Interactive Brokers Flex web service as an import module
Log in to the Account Management
Create Flex Queries
Activate web service and generate token
Import transactions

Bulk Import - FXCM

Shows how to import data from FXMC Trading Station


Create a new database
Set FXCM as an import module
Save the HTML report in the FXCM Trading Station
Load the previously saved report

Views and grid functions

This video tutorial shows how to use the advanced grid of the TradingDiary Pro. For detailed information please read the Introduction/Grid functionality chapter of the help file.


Create new database
Import Interactive Brokers Flex data
Set historical data provider as Interactive Brokers
Show basic views: Instruments, Trades, Positions and Open Positions view
Positions view master detail
Show grid column reordering and removing. Column chooser
Show data sorting
Data grouping and group summaries
Quick Find
Incremental search

Tags and filters

This tutorial shows how to use the filters and tags features in the software.


Create a filter for US index futures positions
Create a filter for long futures positions
Create a filter for profitable futures positions
Modify and delete filter using the Filter Manager
Set 3 tags. RSI, MACD and 2R
Set tags bulk
Create a complex filter for two tags
Delete tag using the Tag Manager

Thinkorswim Import

This tutorial shows how Thinkorswim import works.