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  • I got the file sharing violation error. What should I do?

    TradingDiary Pro based on the Microsoft's SQL Server Compact Edition, which is a one file database system. The database engine needs exclusive lock thus the database cannot be saved on a shared or network folder. Please save it on a real drive.



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  • Why are there a different profit values for forex positions in the Positions View and the Capital Gains Report?

    For forex positions the profit calculation is different in the Capital Gains Report and in the other reports including the Positions View. In the Capital Gains Report the amount of trade is converted back to base currency and the gain or loss is the difference between the two amounts. In the Positions View the gain or loss is calculated in the currency of the instrument and this gain is converted back to the base currency. A real trading example, base currency USD:

    Open: -50,000 GBP.JPY on 9/2/2009 8:58 AM at price 149.75 with conversion rate 0.010851

    Close: 50,000 GBP.JPY on 9/3/2009 2:03 AM at price 150.73 with conversion rate 0.010784

    The positions view shows 49,000 JPY losses in the currency of the instrument and $528.42 in the base currency. With Capital Gains ‘method’ the value in base currency of the open trade is $81246.86 and the value of the close trade is 81273.62. The loss is only $26.76.


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