Control yourself

control yourself and become a better trader

Review your trading practice, monitor your decision making patterns, control your emotions and keep a journal. Read more...

Develop the right strategy

develop the right strategy

Are you an active trader who makes a number of decisions and runs a number of trades each day? Read more...

Keep a trading journal

keep a trading journal and control yourself

Keeping a trading journal prevents you from losing a huge amount of money; it makes you a much more successful trader. Read more..

Become a better trader!

become a better trader



TradingDiary Pro is software which can record your trading performance and helps you keep a jorunal.

Created by a team of active traders, the software was developed to meet the demands that arose over several years of trading. Check out the features! Read more...


Our mission is to provide a tool for traders that makes their life easier and saves time for them.

The aim was to create a “mentor” that monitors the nature of one’s trading practice, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and helps them to become a better trader. Check out the screenshots! Read more...


TradingDiary Pro supports more than ten different brokerage firms now.

However, we are continuosly widening the range of the import partners. The software will be upgraded regularly in accordance with user feedback and our developers’ recommendations. Before subscribing download the trial! Read more...